Settling in on Zanzibar

It is been just a bit more than a month that I arrived on Zanzibar. Setting up the new freediving center is moving forward, although the progress here is “polepole” – meaning very slow. Been teaching the first courses here in Nungwi and Stone Town and helping to guide some spearfishing trips. Conditions have been […]

Arriving on Zanzibar

I arrived to Zanzibar two weeks ago and have been very nicely welcomed by everyone from the Extreme Blue Water Spearfishing & Freediving team. I also reconnected with a good friend, who is living here and who has welcomed me very warmly. So far I am keeping busy setting up the new freediving center in […]


I have been traveling the world continuously for five years now. Last month I have been back home in Germany to spend time with my family and friends there. As much as I love to make new experiences and form new friendships, I am always very happy to reconnect with the people that we share […]

The War on Plastic

I have been interviewed as part of this little documentary “the war on plastic”.

For everyone who hasn’t experience first hand the plastic pollution we face in our ocean this an easy 15 mins to watch to get one perspective on this problem. […]

two manta rays and a trash bag floating in front of them

A Plastic Ocean

Teaching Freediving, I am in the ocean nearly every day and experience first hand the huge amounts of trash that float by. Especially in rainy season there is so much trash that when coming up from a dive you have to navigate through several meters of plastic floating around. Even though I see it very […]

Heiko sitting in front of Freedive Nusa painting

Saying goodbye to beautiful Nusa Penida

After about one and a half years of living on Nusa Penida it’s time for me to say goodbye. Big thank you to Kirill and Yana for giving the opportunity to teach Freediving and who set up a beautiful Freediving school with Freedive Nusa. And a big shoutout to Artur my fellow instructor and spearfishing […]

Heiko standing on a beach with his freediving gear

Starting to share my stories

I have been travelling for five years now and becoming a freediving instructor and yoga teacher during this time, even though this was never in my mind when I started to travel. After talking to some good friends and family I finally decided to put up more frequent posts and pictures, to share some of […]