Starting to share my stories

Heiko standing on a beach with his freediving gear

I have been travelling for five years now and becoming a freediving instructor and yoga teacher during this time, even though this was never in my mind when I started to travel. After talking to some good friends and family I finally decided to put up more frequent posts and pictures, to share some of the experiences I am continuously making.

So far I have been holding back sharing a lot of my life online as the main part for me while travelling or living abroad is to immerse myself where I am. Taking pictures or videos quite often distracted me from just enjoying the moment.

So what are some reasons that I decided to start posting now:

I have been speaking to a lot of people who hesitate taking a longer time off from work and doing what they love to do. I want to encourage to take the first step to follow their intentions. This does not necessary mean travelling long term but listening to yourself what is important to you and to direct your life toward your intentions.

I am in the ocean nearly every day and living in countries where trash is a huge problem. Starting to lead beach clean-ups on Nusa Penida has been part of making a small difference. But I hope that I can influence more people to take effort and responsibility for conservation.

I also would like to share stories of friends and projects that I find valuable and support reaching more people.

Life is a journey,