I have been traveling the world continuously for five years now. Last month I have been back home in Germany to spend time with my family and friends there.

As much as I love to make new experiences and form new friendships, I am always very happy to reconnect with the people that we share good memories with. I am very grateful for everyone I have met so far; in one way or another, as everyone is mirroring distinct experiences. I will continue to actively seek contact with friends. Even though sometimes even a decade has past since we met.

I am happy most friends are doing good and living fulfilled. And for the ones going through hard times I want you to know that I regularly think of you.

It is hard to regularly keep in direct contact with so many people that I met along the way. So if the urge is there from your side to reconnect, I encourage you to make the next step, preferably through a direct message.

– Heiko