Arriving on Zanzibar

I arrived to Zanzibar two weeks ago and have been very nicely welcomed by everyone from the Extreme Blue Water Spearfishing & Freediving team. I also reconnected with a good friend, who is living here and who has welcomed me very warmly. So far I am keeping busy setting up the new freediving center in Nungwi and getting used to the slow paced work-style. There is also an active expat community here, to which I am already very grateful, for the recommendations I received so far.

My first impression of Zanzibar is that it is an island full of contrast. There are the luxury resorts and tourist restaurants and just next to it you find the local community, which in a lot of areas seems to be very poor. Local villages consist mainly of dusty roads and no running water in the houses, so that people have to carry it from community squares in the village. Unfortunatly there is also a lot of trash laying around everywhere. But I am very happy, that no plastic bags are given out and you will receive all of your fruit and veggie shopping in paper bags. Altough life seems to be tough for many here, everyone is friendly, smiling and very helpful. I am also surprised of the good level of English being spoken by the local people. This is making it so much easier for finding places or buying goods, even though I am starting to learn a bit Kiswahili.

Once settled in a bit more and having the freediving center up and running, I hope that I can support the local community a bit. Maybe by organising a clean-up of some areas or teaching swimming to kids.