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Freediving or breath-hold diving is the most natural way to discover the beautiful wildlife under water. As a sport Freediving is equally based on physical and mental training.

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Learning and practicing Yoga regularly is a wonderful way of keeping a healthy lifestyle for a  balanced mind and body.  Special Yogic practices will help to Freedive more relaxed an safe.

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Life is a journey and travelling a rewarding way of discovering this beautiful planet – above and below the water going off the beaten track and exploring nature, people and cultures.

Hi, I’m Heiko,

Freediving Instructor, Yoga Teacher and outdoor traveller.

I have been travelling continuously for the last 5 years in Latin America, Europe,  Asia and Australia. Now teaching Freedving and Yoga I would like to take you on adventures and journeys that will make memorable memories for a lifetime.

All  courses and trips are personally guided and aimed for travellers seeking new adventures and experiences. 

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Feel free to send me a message for bookings or requesting further information about any activities. I will be happy to help you and get back to you as soon as possible.

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