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About Heiko

Hi – I am Heiko,
Freediving Instructor, Yoga Teacher and outdoor explorer.

After leaving my job in IT-Management in 2014 I started to travel the world. I have always been an outdoor person, doing lots of multi day hikes, climbing, surfing or freediving in the sea. So being in and around the ocean and mountains has always been natural to me.

During my trip I discovered Freediving and Yoga. Both made me looking more inside to discover that going back to an office job is not the time for me right now. Therefore, during this trip I decided to become a Freediving Instructor and later also Yoga teacher to share my passion and insight with others. It also allows me to continue my travels around the world and discover new and fascinating cultures and places. I have been living and teaching Freediving in Cairns (Australia),  Koh Tao (Thailand) and Nusa Penida (Indonesia). Right now I am living on Zanzibar (Tanzania) helping to re-set up a freediving center here, teaching freediving, guiding trips and doing some spearfishing.

Besides teaching Freediving courses and Yoga classes I will now also start to offer small group travels with unique itineraries. Either to places I have been already and know the area and culture or as exploratory trips where we travel and discover new places together.

All Freediving and Yoga based Adventure Travels offered on this site I will personal be guiding to make it a unique and safe experience for you and to create memorable moments.

I am looking forward to share this wonderful world with you, above and under water.

 ~ Heiko ~


Quick Facts

Freediving Instructor 
Yoga Teacher
First Aid and O2 provider trained
Safety for Freediving competitions

Born in 1984 in Germany

German, English and Spanish speaking

Been living in Germany, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and now Tanzania

40+ countries travelled

Deepest Freedive: 50m
Highest altitude climbed: 5.200m
Longest Hike: ~951km in 21 days