Settling in on Zanzibar

It is been just a bit more than a month that I arrived on Zanzibar. Setting up the new freediving center is moving forward, although the progress here is “polepole” – meaning very slow.

Been teaching the first courses here in Nungwi and Stone Town and helping to guide some spearfishing trips. Conditions have been good, although sometimes a bit windy and some rain shower. Quite a good experience is drifting over the spearfishing site and seeing big fish approaching the flashers we put down to attract them.

People around have been very friendly and helpful and I’m starting to speak a few words Swahili.

About a week ago I participated in a clean-up here in Nungwi. Great project organised by Ozeankind and a local recycling facility ZanRec to educate and encourage plastic free living in the local school. It has been very motivating to see a lot of school children and other volunteers joining the clean-up collecting about 500kg of trash.

Although it should be dry season now we still had some rain resulting in fairly flooded streets. So far rain has only been some intense showers and it is impossible to drive through some local streets with the small car I got here. Can’t image how the streets will look like in the rainy season.

… and then there are the cows on the beach and a beautiful sunset every night.