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Calm your mind, take a big breath and dive down to discover a beautiful new world under water. As your heartbeat naturally slows and your mind relaxes you feel how your body adapts to the water surrounding you.

You will be surprised at what you can achieve on one breath and that it is easier than expected.

Come and experience for yourself.

Learning to Freedive gives you the freedom to experience life underwater without the need for heaving and bulky scuba equipment. It also allows you to access more places, just together with a friend as a safety buddy.

Doing a Freediving course is essential to gain the knowledge, skills and practice safety & rescue procedures under the guidance of an experienced Freediving instructor.

I have been Freediving and teaching Freediving in various locations around the world, from the Caribbean, to South Africa and Asia. Furthermore I have been safety diver for Freediving Depth competitions including the AIDA World Championships in Roatan 2017 and competitions organized by Apnea Bali in Tulmaben.

Based on this experience I offer comprehensive freediving courses & training and individually adapting each class to your needs and progress.

After successfully finishing a course you will be certified and able to dive with freediving centres around the world and continue your freediving education.

Freediving Courses:

 – Freediving Level 1

 – Freediving Level 2

– Freediving Level 3

 – Coaching & Training

 – Breath hold workshop for surfers

More detailed information about my Freediving courses will be updated here soon.

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